viavoo ANALYTICS : your text analytics SaaS platform

viavoo ANALYTICS is a cutting edge Text Analytics platform designed to help brands better understand their CX performance and achieve their goals.

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The power of viavoo ANALYTICS

Discover the features that make viavoo ANALYTICS the perfect tool to gather, analyze and turn verbatim data into actionable CX insights.

Gather the voice of customer

viavoo ANALYTICS combines the simplicity of a mailbox with the intelligence of a CRM, so you can easily leverage multi-source customer feedback.

  • Multimodal display
  • Multi-criteria filtering
  • Custom search (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Bulk mode & Smart tagging


Visualize the verbatim data

viavoo ANALYTICS is the perfect tool to leverage customer feedback through interactive verbatim data visualizations.

  • Data Charts & Graphs
  • Dynamic cross-analysis
  • Excel or PNG export
  • Manual or scheduled export


Manage your personal analysis

viavoo ANALYTICS keeps your data queries in a safe place and enables team collaboration.

  • Multi-criteria filtering & sorting
  • Instant sharing
  • Bulk mode
  • Properties update


Arrange your dashboard

viavoo ANALYTICS allows the design of custom dashboards, by choosing widgets to display and their layout on the desired page.

  • Multi-page dashboard
  • Multi-device responsive display
  • Drag & Drop widgets layout
  • Widget image export


Monitor the customer experience

viavoo ANALYTICS allows continuous monitoring of what your customers or consumers are talking about.

  • Alerting on risky situations
  • Multi-criteria & real time monitoring
  • Email Notification
  • Verbatim direct access

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